Private Currency Exchange

We know that our clients require quick, safe and private transfers whether they are buying property abroad, emigrating, making regular international payments or repatriating funds.  We offer the best exchange rates available and provide unbeatable customer service – granting you the peace of mind that your money is looked after in the best way possible and stored in a secure, ‘ring-fenced’ segregated account.

We provide a superior level of service to our clients that is personalised and conducted from start to finish with guidance from a dedicated currency exchange specialist. Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs in order to form a working relationship that will last for the long term.

As the only FTSE listed Currency Broker in the UK our clients can be confident in the unparalleled quality of the highly professional service that we offer.  With over a decades experience specialising in International Monetary Transfers, we always get the best results for our clients, saving up to 4% on exchange rates when compared to High Street banks.  Due to our daily purchasing of foreign currencies, we are able to secure highly competitive exchange rates.

In adherence with FSA regulations, accounts must be applied for in writing  and be navigated to a Baydonhill FX account opening form.

To start saving money and open your own Private Currency Exchange Account, contact one of our specialist brokers who can find the best exchange rates for your transaction.